About Us

Visionaria Film is a factory of artists and creative professionals specialized in production and post-production of video contents, commercials, motion graphics, web series, corporate videos, viral videos, for TV, cinema and the Web.

We use a scalable structure, which allows us to adapt to each individual project without needing huge budgets.

We are “Tailor made production”. We have eliminated the unnecessary by optimizing costs to ensure maximum quality at the lowest price.

Visionaria Film, in its twenty years experience, has created hundreds of commercials and collaborated with important Italian and international companies, creating a network of partners in different parts of the world, from Europe to Asia, from the USA to South America.

Visionaria Film’s professionals, with their different backgrounds, passions and competence, have created Visionaria Film success. We support the customer from the target analyzing phase to the final checking of the results.

The secret of Visionaria Film’s success is winning alchemy between creative talent and scientific approach in using of original and appropriate communication codes. This artistic and technical mix boosts the customer’s marketing activities.

Our services

  • Television and Web ADV Video
  • Corporate video
  • Video Clip
  • Feature Films
  • Documentaries
  • International Service
  • Ideation and Production
  • New Video Digital Production
  • Cross-media Content
  • Video Motion Graphic
  • Post Production
  • Consulting for Testimonials and Artists Research

Some of our directors

  • Daniele Cantalupo
  • Luca Lucini
  • Marcello Lucini
  • Francesco Nencini
  • Francesco Fei
  • Laura Chiossone
  • AbNormal Director
  • Paolo Ameli

Visionaria Film Srl
P.IVA 09490500965 – REA: MI-2093665
Via Francesco de Sanctis, 32 – 20141 Milano (MI)
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